Expert Consulting

We at Cyberhux offer expert consulting for businesses that want to secure their data online.
The services we offer are:
● e-Commerce Security
● Encryption
● Email Security

E-Commerce Security

We offer e-Commerce security to companies that depend on online payments and want to secure their websites from malicious attacks. E-commerce is the backbone of any online business and we, at Cyberhux, ensure that you get the highest cyber protection.

Because you don’t want lost revenue, information breach and permanent reputational damage due to a cyber attack. Your website should not only be user-friendly but also secure and reliable. Because a secure website builds trust and inspires confidence in your clients.

Therefore, at Cyberhux we offer consultation for booming or startup businesses to secure their data online. Our vetted professionals ensure that you get the best services possible.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption


XTS is a different form of encryption than AES and 256-bit. In this case the disk stores data in a particular way and then these disk sectors are divided into blocks. These blocks are an equivalent size as blocks encrypted by AES, also known as “block cipher”.

It offers a unique scrambling process to ensure that your data remains unrecognizable. The process involves 14 different rounds of encryption for effective security. Full disk encryption is guaranteed to companies that use XTS block cipher mode.

Encrypted Servers

We offer data encryption and key management that is totally within your control. You can now transition to our secure cloud environment without a worry. Your data remains secure and in your control. We keep your data safe from unauthorised access by attaching storage volume and encrypting the entire servers.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Cyberhux has implemented effective strategies to securely host your data and servers. We encrypt both in our completely secure Data Centres because we are a company with cybersecurity at our core.

Whether it’s an answer involving dedicated servers or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), we add multiple layers of security to make it a completely secure infrastructure. Our approach provides you with security that is impossible to compromise.

We always have your best interest at heart. Our vetted professionals ensure that you get the best security services possible.

Client Use Cases

● Database Encryption
● Blockchain Encryption
● Cryptocurrency Encryption
● CMS & ERP Encryption
● File Server Encryption
● Application Encryption
● Customer Data Encryption
● Accounting Software
● App Encryption
● Trading Application
● Terminal Server Encryption
● Web Server Encryption


We have 256-bit data encryption to encounter any type of data breach that occurs when bad actors use all possible key combinations to force decryption. This threat is positively handled by 256-Bit encryption.

It efficiently works to secure your data by doubling the amount of possible keys for each bit you add. This approach creates an infinite number of key variations making it impossible for a data breach to occur.

While this is good news for your data it’s bad news for the hackers because it will take over a billion years to interrupt even a 128-bit key.


Also known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), is a popular public encryption standard, developed by NIST. The most important aspect of AES is that it’s remarkably resilient against any attempted breaches. Security services, financial institutions, government and many other organisations around the world employ AES to secure their data.

It is considered as one of the strongest encryption methods. When you encrypt your data using this method, it will be impossible for the hackers to retrieve the info in its original form.

Secure Cloud

We offer the most agile and efficient cloud computing and virtualization technology to help you roll out new services. This advanced technology expands your infrastructure that helps accommodate your every need and requirements. The primary benefit of secure cloud computing help you overcome these problems with a defined entrance and egress points:
● Data commingling
● Privileged user abuse
● Snapshots and backups
● Data deletion
● Data leakage
● Geographic regulatory requirements
● Cloud super-admins
And more!
To overcome these security issues we offer two-factor authentication, enterprise key management and encryption. This incredible solution solves the critical challenges of data governance, control and ownership with a system of trustworthiness and compliance, regardless of where you store your data.

Email Security

We offer email security by providing you with a self-learning AI. This unique approach enhances your email security and enables you to regain a competitive+qualitative advantage.

Attackers use emails as the primary source of penetration. They have developed their tactics to target any kind of organisation. And emails are the weakest security link. The malicious parties deploy social engineering techniques to target human users and gain access to data.

Our self-learning AI email security service helps you overcome any security problem. What it does is:
● Analyses email traffic
● Gives a holistic understanding of day-to-day picture
● Instantly recognize any threats

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