About us

Welcome To CyberHux

We are the largest vetted cyber army that protects Digital assets.
Hackers with your best interest at heart!


Our Goal

We are changing the outdated process of hiring cybersecurity officials. We strive to provide solutions in cybersecurity talent outsourcing and vetting for a very simple process.

We want to change the way cybersecurity officers and experts recruitments are done through a community approach.

Since we are a company with cybersecurity at our core, we strive to provide solutions to each and every business in this time of uncertainty. We take pride in making the difficult processes simple and enjoyable for our clients.

CyberHux is globally trusted by thousands of companies and individuals in over 100+ countries. Our success and growth goes hand in hand with our client's own.

We're always passionate about developing innovative solutions for the ever-changing requirements of our clients. Our innovative tech implementation fills the gap between us and our clients effectively.


Our Values

CyberHux has grown significantly in a short period and the main reason for our exponential growth is that we always stick to our core values.

We believe in a secure future for our companies and we are not willing to compromise on our and our customers' integrity.

It is our mission to provide cyber security to our clients on a global scale.

Therefore, we've built an intuitive, amazing and easy-to-use AI-powered platform to streamline and optimise the entire cybersecurity process without a hitch.

So our clients get the top notch services they deserve!

Our Story

Cyberhux was founded by Freeman Addico, a cloud and security consulting executive with over 20 years of experience. He saw the need of finding a new way of recruitment within the cybersecurity space.

When he faced challenges with top companies, especially in Africa, he said to himself, “There should be a better way of assisting companies in recruiting in the cybersecurity space than just leaving it up to the HR team.”

Cyber security and technology are at the heart of what we do. CyberHux is the answer to all the challenges and difficulties we have faced in the past. And we strive to bring you the same experience so you don’t have to face those challenges.

Digital transformation and innovation technology are our guiding stars. We have encountered many difficulties along the way and we’ve sworn to let our clients journey be as seamlessly easy as possible.

Finding the right kind of expert for a business had become difficult and this needed to change!

Our Team

Our team believes in diversity. It is the key to understanding and overcoming problems and facing challenges. Diversity of thought has been our greatest asset in overcoming any difficulty. And it has helped us understand our diverse clientele.

We have never faced any issues or problems despite our clients being in different regions around the globe and we give 100% credit to our efficient and resilient team.

Currently, the company has four offices in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa). We employ a diverse international team from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Switzerland, USA, India, Israel, Canada, UK, Pakistan and South Africa.

Our company values, vision, and goals are the sum of our resilient team thinking and working independently together. We believe Cyberhux’s growth relies heavily on the diverse mix of voices that are setting the pace for the next challenge, the next issue, and the next milestone.

Our Solution

We set out to create a solution for cyber security issues and ended up transforming how cyber security is approached altogether.

Over the years, we went beyond the basics to create an innovative security system, one that uses AI recommendations, advanced processes and automation to simplify cyber security.

This has been achieved all the while ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality when it comes to our users’ data.

If you would like to learn more about Cyberhux, feel free to contact us.

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